Terms and Conditions

25. Law Student work experience assistance service

Clause 25 is in addition to clauses 1 to 20..

In association with a number of New Zealand university law students’ societies we are running a programme for 4th and 5th year law students and law firms located in the Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, and Canterbury regions.  The programme involves the operation of a ‘notice board’ type advertising platform on our website to enable participating law firms to advertise work experience opportunities to law students. The scope of our service is narrow in that we merely enable our member firms to place adverts, and for those adverts to then be viewed by those law students who choose to register for the service. The programme will run until end November 2016 but may be extended at The Law Association’s discretion.

The Law Association expects that where unpaid positions are offered, that these are genuine learning experiences.  If the law student is to do work that an employee would otherwise do, then The Law Association would expect that to be offered as a paid opportunity.

Each advertising member firm has full responsibility for ensuring that its advertisement content is accurate, and that the member firm then runs its own background checks on any applicant they may wish to engage with.  Our obligation is merely limited to placing the advert for a limited period.

Each participating law student acknowledges and confirms that:

a) It is only the member firm or person concerned that is potentially recruiting, not us (as we are merely providing a limited advertisement placement service), and that this means that any position related issue which you may have must be addressed solely between you and the member firm or person concerned, not with us;

b) All information supplied by him or her in relation to an advertised position is accurate and not misleading;

c) There is no guarantee they will secure any position or a remunerated position; and

d) Apart from any information supplied for the purposes of registering in our systems, all other information provided by each law student (whether personal information or otherwise) is supplied directly to the advertising member firm and is their responsibility, not ours.

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