A specialised web-based legal document creation service designed by legal professionals, for legal professionals.

WebForms protects the integrity of each document, while allowing users to tailor forms to meet the needs of individuals or specific transactions.

Why Use WebForms®?


Subscribe to WebForms® and tap into a vast catalogue of web-based legal documents designed for legal professionals.

With 120+ trusted forms our WebForms offering has been crafted with the highest standards of care so that those within the New Zealand legal profession can have the utmost confidence and trust in WebForms documents.

Save yourself time and expense and start using WebForms for all your legal form needs.

Key WebForms® Features


  • Personalised Dashboard, quick-view summary of the 10 most recently updated Draft and Final Forms
  • Create firm templates
  • Manage users
  • Order stock
  • Strikethrough & text box function

A WebForms® subscription includes our trusted Digital Signing service

This time-saving tool enables you to provide digital form signing services to your clients remotely, without having to print hard-copy documents.

A secure 2-step validation process

Access documents for digital signing securely through email and SMS verification.

Real-time identity verification

Leverage our real-time identity verifcation tool using RealMe, a NZ passport or NZ driver licence.

Securely seal digital documents

Using PKI digital certificate technology, your digital forms will be securely sealed to ensure that any subsequent tampering is detectable.

Track your documents' journey

Our signing log makes it easy to track the path of your document, capturing details of each interaction throughout the signing process.

Signature witnessing

Use our signature witnessing tool to make it easier than ever to collect witnessed signatures digitally.

Sign Non-ADLS forms

You can upload and sign Non-ADLS Digital Forms as PDF files. 

WebForms® Pricing

Member Firms

Member pricing is available to law firms that hold Firm Membership with us. Become a Membership Firm to unlock discounts of up to 55% off subscription and user fees as well as per form pricing. 

> Member Pricing

Non-Member Firms

Non-Member Firms are welcome to subscribe to WebForms and gain access to our legal forms products. 

> Non-Member Pricing

The Law Association ADLS WebForms® are intended for use by lawyers who understand how to modify them to meet the needs of individuals and/or specific situations. The Law Association strongly recommends that users seek legal advice in preparing these forms before committing to legal obligations. Where appropriate, The Law Association allows members of the public to subscribe to WebForms (for example, those who regularly use forms in their business operations). This subscription is upon application and is subject to approval.