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The Law Association Statement

17 May 2024

| Author: The Law Association

The Law Association acknowledges the ‘universal support’¹ for including Tikanga Māori as a compulsory subject within the study of a Bachelor of Laws following the New Zealand Council of Legal Education’s consultation process in July 2022.

We recognise that the study of te ao Māori and Tikanga Māori plays an important role in the study of Law in New Zealand and welcome the opportunity to be involved in any discussion concerning the teaching and assessment of Tikanga Māori within the Bachelor of Laws degree.

The Law Association’s publication LawNews delivers a range of independent legal views and opinions to the profession each week. Its aim is to provide a balanced perspective and encourage constructive debate and discussion. Editorial independence from The Law Association Council and management is vital to ensuring LawNews continues to play this role.

¹  SIGNED – Certified Thirty-Second Annual Report of the New Zealand Council of Legal Education – Website2022.

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