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We have multiple subscription services available to purchase for both Members and Non-Members as well as Firms and Individuals.

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WebForms® Annual License

WebForms is a web-based legal document creation service, creating efficiency for busy professionals seeking to draw on proven legal forms. WebForms protects the integrity of each document, while allowing users to tailor forms to meet the needs of individuals or specific transactions.

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Annual Subscription Fee for Members: $315.00 +GST
Annual Subscription Fee for Non-Members: $770.00 +GST


Our weekly online publication is full of journalistic articles written for legal professionals and arrives straight to your inbox every Friday morning.

With interviews, thought pieces, case notes and analysis of current legal events, LawNews is a key source of news and insight for anyone working within the legal profession.

Annual Subscription Fee for Non-Members: $140.00 +GST
Members enjoy a complimentary LawNews subscription

New Zealand Lawyers Directory

The ADLS New Zealand Lawyers Directory (NZLD) is the ONLY directory to use information from ADLS’ database, making it the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of lawyers in the market.

The directory includes sections with barristers, firms by area, firms’ details, practitioners in alphabetical order, nationwide practitioners – corporate and legal executives. Other useful information includes LINZ, QVNZ, Inland Revenue, public notaries, government departments, legal aid, statutory bodies, courts and tribunals, crown law office and community corrections offices.

Individual copies are available for purchase through our bookstore and have pricing that differs to the subscription pricing. 

The NZLD is published twice annually in May and November, a subscription will enable you to receive two issues per annum, each with an invoice for that issue.

Pricing per Issue for Members: $72.00 +GST
Pricing per Issue for Non-Members: $99.00 +GST

Seminar Paper Subscription Scheme

Subscribe to our Seminar Paper Subscription Scheme (SPSS) and enjoy a curated bi-annual delivery of seminar papers. With an SPSS subscription, you get the most current and relevant content, delivered as a virtual PDF or a physical paper copy, without having to sift through our bookstore. 

SPSS dispatches occur twice a year- in May and November. By subscribing, you ensure you’ll receive virtual or physical copies during these times. This way, you can choose to read the digital version or have a printed copy at your fingertips. Enjoy this comprehensive delivery with SPSS. 

Pricing per Dispatch for Members: $290.00 +GST
Pricing per Dispatch for Non-Members: $410.00 +GST