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Defamation damages to be determined by judge alone

Senior Courts Act 2016, s 16(4) – trial by judge alone on quantum in defamation proceeding – mixed questions of fact and law – Defamation Act 1992, s 30 – prolonged examination of documents – extensive pleading – ...

The power of rehabilitation

Sentencing – possession of methamphetamine for supply – conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine – unlawful possession of a firearm – home detention - culpability – Zhang v R [2019] NZCA 507– s 27 Sentencing Act ...

A complex caveat row

Successful application for caveat not to lapse. Land Transfer Act 2017 (LTA)-ss 138, 141-143 interpretation of LTA sections -caveat- caveatable interest-application to lapse caveat-application for caveat not to ...

In the name of AI

Appeal against decision of Assistant Commissioner of Patents – Patents Act 2013, ss 3, 5(1), 9, 22, 71, 73 – Patents Regulations 2014, reg 50 – artificial intelligence – whether “inventor” must be natural person – ...

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