Firm Membership

A new membership option from The Law Association

Introducing firm membership.

At The Law Association, we strive to empower legal professionals New Zealand wide to achieve excellence.  And now, you can get even more from membership by signing as a firm member.

When you sign up your firm, all lawyers in your organisation will automatically have membership for the entire year.  As a firm member, you’ll pay a one-time membership cost for the year and additional lawyers who join during the year can join your membership at no additional charge.

Plus, you get access to added benefits, services, and discounts with us.

Why choose Firm Membership with The Law Association?

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Sign up all lawyers in your firm as members, providing them access to a wide range of exclusive benefits, networking opportunities, and valuable resources.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions: Consolidate your firm’s membership under one umbrella, and pay a one-off yearly membership fee.  Additional lawyers who join your firm during the year can join The Law Association at no additional charge. during the year.

3. Tailored Discounts: Enjoy enhanced discounts and access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), networking event tickets, legal publications including LawNews and the eBulletin, and other products and services essential to your legal practice.

4. Priority Access: Benefit from priority invitations to free local events, latest information, seminars, and workshops, keeping your firm at the forefront of legal advancements and knowledge.

5. ADLS WebForms® Advantage: Access to exclusive discounts on WebForms rates, making essential legal documentation more accessible and cost-effective for your firm.

6. Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your firm’s commitment to excellence by being a part of an esteemed legal community, enhancing your firm’s reputation and credibility in the legal industry.

How It Works: 

1. Simplicity in Membership: enrol all lawyers in your firm under a single membership, simplifying the administrative process and ensuring seamless access to benefits.

2. Renewal Convenience: Experience hassle-free annual renewals, with renewal notices and invoices conveniently delivered to your inbox, keeping your membership active without any interruptions.

3. Dedicated Support: Access dedicated support from our Membership team, ensuring you receive personalized assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Enhance your firm’s legal practice and sign up for The Law Association’s firm membership today. Join us in shaping the future of the legal profession while enjoying unparalleled benefits for your entire team.

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