The ADLS/REINZ Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate – Eleventh Edition (3): Key Points (2023)

ADLS/REINZ will release the new version of the Eleventh Edition of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate on 9 May 2023. This reflects legislative changes to the Unit Titles disclosure regime (which take effect on 9 May) and various other practical matters including in relation to real estate agents? retention of deposits, new definitions and providing for dates. Presented by Thomas Gibbons, part of the ADLS subcommittee tasked with crafting the changes, and with input from Janine Tan, Legal Advisor at REINZ on the real estate profession?s perspective, this day-before-the-release of the new version webinar will provide users with the reasons for and details of the changes, to assist them in practice. A highlighted version of the new version will be released in early May, and registrants are invited to submit questions in advance of the webinar to note: the webinar will not provide a full examination of the new Unit Titles disclosure regime. For those wishing to learn more about the latter, Annual Property Law Conference on Thursday 27 April has a session on this._x000D_

   Learning Outcomes: _x000D_

Gain an understanding of the key changes in the new version of the agreement, ADLS/REINZ Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate ? Eleventh Edition (3), including:Updated clause 8, relating to unit titles, to tie in with 2022 Unit Titles Act amendments.Update of clause 2.4, relating to retention of deposit. Addition of dates for all front-page conditions.Addition of definitions for all front-page conditions.Update of clause 9.6 regarding OIA consent.Refinement of clause 10.2.Updated Schedule 2: list of chattels_x000D_

Receive guidance on the implications of the changes for all those advising clients buying and selling property._x000D_

Who should attend?_x000D_

All property lawyers and legal executives. Real estate agents would also find this session useful._x000D_ here for the Cancellation Policy_x000D_

Attendance rules for CPD hours_x000D_

To be eligible to record CPD hours, this CPD event must be attended live. After this CPD event has finished the access link remains active and you are able to re-watch the recording at your convenience.Please be advised that watching the recording without attending live will not count as CPD hours as per Zealand Law Society CPD guidelines. _x000D_

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