PPPR Act Proceedings Workshop – Principles and Practice (In Person only)

At the time that it came into force, the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (?the Act?) was revolutionary.  Although the Act has been in force for well over 30 years, it has been under-utilised and often misunderstood.This workshop is designed for lawyers working in the PPPR space, from the inexperienced to the experienced.  This PPPR conversation will be a practical session that will include presentations from lawyers with considerable experience under the Act.  It is also expected that there will be valuable input from attendees.Fulsome material relating to practical issues around proceedings including checklists and draft documents will be made available to attendees.  However, the focus of the workshop will be on the philosophy underlying the Act with a view to providing a holistic and principled perspective.There will be focused discussions on some problematic concepts including the concepts of partial incapacity and least restrictive intervention, and the overall issue of decision-making for incapacitated persons.The facilitators will provide a number of real-life case studies which will help focus on some of the more difficult concepts and principles.  Participants will be able to actively join the PPPR conversation and bring their tricky issues to the table.  Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the session, to mailto:adls@cpd.org.nzadls@cpd.org.nz. Registrants will also have the benefit of watching a video recording with Dr Jane Casey, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician, covering a wide range of issues relating to capacity assessments.Learning outcomes_x000D_

Gain a better understanding of the Act and how it works and what the court can do and what the court cannot do.Learn about the roles of the parties engaged in proceedings under the Act including the role of the court and the role of lawyer for subject person.Receive tips on preparing applications and progressing proceedings.Become aware of some practical problems that often arise and how best to deal with these problems._x000D_

Who should attend?_x000D_

All lawyers working in the PPPR space or interested in practising in this area.https://adls.org.nz/ModularPage?Action=View&ModularPage_id=161Click here for the Cancellation Policy_x000D_



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