Much Ado About AI (Online)

Much Ado About AI: The ins and outs and where it will take us

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is everywhere – in the media, on your devices and in your office (even if you’re not aware of it). Have you embraced it – possibly without considering its downsides – or shunned it – possibly not appreciating its advantages? What do you really know about it, and what should you know? What are the benefits and risks for the practice of law, and what will it mean for our futures?

In this webinar, you’ll get answers to many questions and much food for thought.

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Who should attend? 

All legal personnel: lawyers, legal executives, legal secretaries, personal assistants, practice managers and office managers.

In respect of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Get to grips with what AI is and why it’s come about.
  • Delve into what’s in it for you, and when and how it can be used in the practice of law.
  • Uncover its limitations and implications.
  • Become apprised of the ownership and privacy considerations.
  • Ascertain the impact on the future of law, for human resources and client relationships.


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Member - $110.00 GST

Non Member - $155.00 GST


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