Mediation Mastery for Employment Law Workshop Series #3: The Human Element: The Role of Psychological Factors in Effective Mediation

The Human Element: The Role of Psychological Factors in Effective Mediation

This workshop date is subject to change.  

Join us for the third instalment in our Mediation in Employment Law Workshop Series, where we delve into the crucial role of understanding psychological dynamics in the mediation process. This session focuses on how psychological factors and emotional elements influence mediation outcomes, shaping agreements and /or disagreements.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Psychological Dynamics: Explore the impact of psychological factors on the mediation process and how they can affect outcomes.
  • Emotional Influence: Understand the role of emotional elements in driving agreement or disagreement during mediation.
  • Practical Insights: Gain valuable insights to enhance your mediation practice and achieve better resolutions in employment disputes.

Enhance your mediation skills and improve your ability to navigate the psychological aspects of employment disputes. 

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Join us for all three parts of the series and enjoy take advantage of a 30% discount! Contact for the discount details to apply.

Who should attend?

All lawyers who specialise in employment law, as well as those who may not focus on employment full-time but encounter mediation in their practice.

  • Become better informed about the nature of employment mediation from the perspectives of the mediators, the advocates, and the parties. 
  • Learn about the benefits of early intervention and unlock the potential of different approaches to mediation.
  • Better understand the mediation process through practical exercises.
  • Gain insights into the latest employment mediation research and contribute to thinking about improving the existing process.


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