Mastering Client Relationship Meetings Workshop (Hamilton)

From preparation to commitment  (in legal practice)

Securing and then making the most of client meetings is a key skill for any legal professional who needs to build a healthy practice. However, many practitioners struggle to correctly identify client needs and what’s important to them.

In this workshop, we’ll go through how to research and pre-position yourself ahead of time. We’ll then identify how to secure a meeting with a purpose to help you make it a productive meeting. Finally, the workshop will close the loop and go through how to gain commitments and some basic pricing tactics to help you secure more work.

With plenty of interactive practice in small groups (you won’t be put on the spot in front of the whole room), you will build your confidence to do BD effectively.

What people who have attended similar workshops have said:

“Really useful content and session.”

“Great presenter, practical exercise helpful.”

“Ben was awesome. It felt super relaxing, and I met some great people at the session ‒ I even have a follow-up meeting with someone!”

“Brilliant ‒ extremely informative.”

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Who Should Attend? 

Any legal professional wishing to attract new clients and enhance relationships with existing ones.

  • Discover how to uncover client needs.
  • Understand better how to get meetings.
  • Find out how to position for the work.
  • Ascertain how to identify needs, solutions, and benefits.
  • Become better apprised about how to position an agenda ahead of a meeting.
  • Create a purpose to drive a better conversation.
  • Develop your understanding of next steps and pricing.


Pricing Details

Ticket Price

Members: $320 GST

Non-Members: $450 GST


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