Identifying, valuating and dividing digital assets on separation

Cracking Crypto

Cryptocurrency and other digital assets are becoming increasingly commonplace in relationship property matters. What does this mean for you and your clients? Classification, disclosure, valuation and division each raise potential issues – but having a greater awareness and knowledge of such issues will assist, as will knowing when to seek external help from other experts. 

This webinar will equip attendees with a basic understanding of digital assets and of issues pertaining to identification of these assets. It will also offer insights into the judicial approach in New Zealand and abroad. 

Who should attend?

All family lawyers and general practitioners involved in relationship property work. 

  • Receive a high-level overview of digital assets. 
  • Gain a better appreciation of issues of identification and disclosure of digital assets. 
  • Garner tips and tricks, such as what to ask and when, in order to obtain full disclosure. 
  • Improve your understanding of valuation challenges associated with these assets. 
  • Become better apprised of the options when dividing digital assets.  
  • Learn how to recognise when to enlist assistance from other experts. 
  • Benefit from a judicial perspective into how cases involving digital assets are approached.  
  • Gain insights into overseas case law and policy developments. 


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Member: $140.00 GST

Non-Member: $195.00 GST


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