Excellence in Legal Writing Workshop (Auckland)

Legal writing is the “bread and butter” of a lawyer’s practice. Writing well is harder than it looks, though. For years, we’ve been told that we should “write like Katherine Mansfield”. But how?

This workshop will introduce you to three simple hacks to improve your written work: writing concretely; writing actively; and writing less. It builds on the work of linguistic experts, notably Helen Sword and Steven Pinker. But never fear: the words “subordinate clause” will not feature. We’ll also deploy a fourth tool – “point-first advocacy” – to structure arguments for maximum impact. This learn-by-doing workshop will help you achieve writing excellence.

Feedback from previous sessions:

  • Excellent. Very good presenter and very good content. Really enjoyed the interaction and practical examples.
  • Practical, engaging and easy to understand.
  • Very engaging and approachable.  Concepts were pitched at the correct level.

Who Should Attend?

All lawyers, but especially those who draft submissions, opinions, or articles.

  • Learn the hallmarks of crisp legal writing – concrete, active, brief.
  • Understand the common traps that frustrate clear writing.
  • Practice editing to write well.
  • Develop your skills in “point-first” advocacy.


Pricing Details

Ticket Price

Member: $375 GST

Non-Member: $530 GST


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