Excel-erate Your Tasks (Workshop)

Spreadsheet skills for legal professionals

In the legal field, navigating intricate Excel spreadsheets is a common occurrence. And, even if you haven’t encountered them yet, understanding Excel’s capabilities can significantly enhance your efficiency. Excel is more than just gridlines and columns; it’s a powerhouse tool that can transform your workflow. It simplifies decoding complex data, crafting visually compelling reports, and managing databases.

Join us for an enlightening workshop led by Sally Ratapu, a seasoned Project Support/Technology Learning Advisor at Simpson Grierson. Through a curated toolkit of tips, tricks, and practical case scenarios tailored for this session, Sally will guide you through the maze of Excel. Learn to transform raw data into structured, visually appealing, and easily interpretable information, amplifying your productivity and data analysis skills.

This hands-on experience will also equip you with the expertise to create dynamic and tailored workbooks, enhancing your ability to efficiently manage data with precision and ease.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Excel proficiency. 

Who should attend?

Lawyers, legal executives, practice managers and support staff.  This workshop will refer to Excel 365 and is designed as a step up from beginner level, making it suitable for beginners looking to enhance their Excel skills. Those needing refresher would also benefit from attending this session.

What to bring?

Attendees will need to bring their own laptop.

  • Equip yourself with essential skills to organise spreadsheet data for optimal viewing, printing, and interpretation. Explore techniques in sorting, filtering, subtotalling, formatting, and page setup.
  • Get to grips with Excel features, including copying, grouping, and linking sheets as well as adding basic formulas, to help you build your own workbooks for budgets or similar projects.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of enhancing data clarity in Excel through the strategic use of visual elements such as conditional formatting, charts and tables.


Pricing Details

Ticket Price

Member: $320.00 GST

Non-Member: $450.00 GST


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