Electronically Monitored Bail (Online)

Everything you need to know from start to finish

EM Bail is an alternative to custody while clients are awaiting trial. A successful EM Bail application can take a lot of time and energy from lawyers, whether in the process of applying for EM Bail or obtaining variations after EM Bail has been granted.

This webinar will help you:
– Make sure that your application has the greatest chance of success;
– Include all the information to ensure application is not delayed unnecessarily;
– Suggest conditions to try to avoid variations to the conditions;
– Know how to best avoid conditions that can be confusing or lead to clients being breached.

With perspectives and practical insights from Bail Support Services and EM Operations from the Department of Corrections, this webinar will also provide practical guidance on how to work in a better and more efficient way with Corrections at all stages of the process to the benefit of your clients

Who should attend?

All lawyers practising in criminal Law. Prosecutors and Probation officers might also benefit from attending. 

  • Gain a better awareness of the background to EM Bail assessment and the report writing process.
  • Learn how you can impact on the outcome for your client and how to improve your applications to maximize your client’s chances to get bail granted.
  • Obtain a clear vision of the conditions that a lawyer must make sure in the initial bail application to avoid the future need for a variation and to prevent future breaches.
  • Get practical information on the actual management of EM bail once it is granted.
  • Receive a brief insight on bracelets and the technology behind it. 
  • Grow your knowledge and understanding of the processes used when breaches occur.
  • Learn how to ask for the best conditions so your client is not in breach.
  • Get useful practical tips at all stages of the process on how to better communicate with Corrections, avoid having to make multiple contacts and therefore reducing frustration for your clients.


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