Construction Contracts Act Retentions Rules – A Reality Check

The retentions rules have been with us for some time now, and the amendments that took effect on 5 October will be familiar to most construction lawyers. But knowledge of technical requirements is one thing; the application of them in a real-world setting is another. What should commercial construction company directors and senior managers do to avoid liability? Are complying instruments a feasible alternative? What specialist accounting software is available? And what traps are there to catch out the unwary?  

In this webinar, construction law specialist Geoff Hardy puts the rules under the blowtorch and examines what behavioural changes we can expect to see, and what precautions industry participants should take to cater for unforeseen risks.

Who Should Attend?

Any legal professional involved in construction matters – contractual and disputes. Those practising in civil litigation, property law, and general practice, will also find it helpful if they advise clients who are developing or building investment or commercial properties. 

  • Refresh your knowledge of the recent amendments to the Construction Contracts Act retentions rules. 
  • Gain insights into how the rules will play out, including what key players should do to avoid liability, and how to go about doing so. 
  • Benefit from the opportunity to ask questions about the practical implications of the rules. 


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