The Value of an Actuary – Estate and Relationship Property Assets (On Demand)

This On Demand was recorded on 21 March 2023.

When sorting out relationship property after a couple separate or when administering a deceased estate, the process of valuing the assets is generally quite straightforward. However, sometimes there are complex issues to be taken into account and determining the value may require the opinion of an expert witness to consider the relevant variables involved.

Actuaries provide independent expert valuations of such assets. Examples are superannuation entitlements (including KiwiSaver), life-interests (e.g. the right to occupy a property rent-free for life), requirements for deferred or immediate payment, or where delivery or distribution of an asset is contingent on the survival of one party or beneficiary until a specified date.

This On Demand will outline the actuarial valuation process and some of the issues that can arise in this context, including factors that can occasionally lead to differing results from opposing actuaries.

This is your opportunity to hear from two very experienced actuaries who have been practitioners in this area for many years and from the Chair, Her Honour Judge Manuel.

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Family litigators, Estates and Relationship Property lawyers, General Practitioners, Estates Legal Executives.


CPD Hours: 1.50hr

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