The Court of Appeal’s Metro Glass judgment (On Demand)

This On Demand was originally recorded on 15 November 2021.

The Court of Appeal’s Metro Glass judgment

New Guidance on Discretionary Payments under the Holidays Act

The Court of Appeal has delivered an important decision in Metropolitan Glass & Glazing Limited v Labour Inspector which affects all employers operating incentive or bonus schemes. For the first time, the Court of Appeal has interpreted section 14 of the Holidays Act which governs discretionary payments. Discretionary payments do not affect holiday pay, in contrast to incentive payments which will increase holiday pay for employees. The distinction between these two types of payment is therefore crucial.

This On Demand explores the judgment and highlight the important issues that all lawyers advising in this space should know about.

Who should view?

All lawyers who advise on employment law and the Holidays Act as well as commercial lawyers. Employment relations managers and HR specialists will also benefit from this session.


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