The 4-Day Week (On Demand)

The 4-Day Week ‒ Making it work for clients and lawyers

In the wake of altered working patterns, concerning statistics about mental health in the legal profession, and an overall increased focus on true work-life balance, what would the 4-day working week look like for your clients, and for your practice?

Findings from the world’s largest 4-day week trial earlier this year show that companies experienced a 35% increase in revenue, while employees reported improved health and well-being, and decreased rates of stress, burnout, and fatigue.

This On Demand, presented by 4 Day Week Global’s co-founder/managing director and an employment lawyer, will cover what the 4-day week is, why it’s gaining traction, how to advise clients about the employment-related implications, and how to apply the model to the legal profession.

Who should watch?

This On Demand is for those who advise on employment matters, and any legal professional (employer or employee) interested in learning more about working reduced hours, including senior/managing partners/directors, practice managers and HR managers.


CPD Hours: 1.00hr

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