Self-Represented and Vexatious Litigants – Civil Cases: Judicial Perspective & Practitioner’s Dilemma

An increasing number of High Court cases involve self-represented litigants. Effective civil litigators need to acquire strategies and skills to deal with such situations. _x000D_
This On Demand will provide civil litigators with invaluable insights into the Court?s role, the practical implications for Judges and Registry staff and how the Court strives to identify and balance the various interests at play. _x000D_
It will also provide practical guidance on how to advocate effectively in the High Court when the other party self-represents._x000D_
Learning outcomes_x000D_
Gain a better understanding of the Court?s approach to self-represented, querulant and vexatious claimants, directors representing a limited liability company and the appointment of guardians ad litem. Recognise the duties and rights of counsel; identify the Rules of Conduct and Client Care and the intervention rule applying in such situations.Receive guidance on procedural considerations, including in relation to discovery, the admissibility of evidence, objections, procedure generally and costs.Learn useful strategies to manage the increased burden for counsel and reduce the risk of loss of fixtures, delays and/or complications arising.Learn to anticipate and better approach issues arising when engaging in settlement discussions with a self-represented person._x000D_
Who should view?_x000D_
Civil litigators and lawyers practising in the civil law area in contentious matters involving self-represented persons. here for the Cancellation Policy


CPD Hours: 1.00hr

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