Retirement Villages and Residential Care (On Demand)

This On Demand was recorded on 4 December 2019.Retirement villages, one of the fastest growing industries in New Zealand, may also be one of the most challenging to advise on, especially the overlap with residential aged care and the right to receive care services in a village setting._x000D_
This complex and specialised area of practice means that legal advice should be provided by lawyers who know how retirement villages and residential care operate and who remain current with developments in this area._x000D_
This On Demand seminar considers some of the areas where lawyers need to be especially vigilant when giving advice to clients and provides insights into how best to engage with clients in order to protect their interests._x000D_
Learning outcomes_x000D_
Learn more about some of the areas where agreements between providers may vary and how to be sure that these are considered when providing advice as well as the core provisions that need to be carefully considered when assisting clients.Gain a better understanding of issues to be aware of in relation to transfers within a village.Learn more about the legal interface between retirement villages and residential aged care and distinguishing between them.Gain a better understanding of best practise and how to communicate with elderly clients.Gain a better understanding of issues to be aware of in relation to transfers within a village, in particular, the extra cost implications of deferred management fees and aged care premium room charges._x000D_
Who should view?_x000D_
All those who advise or may in the future advise clients on retirement villages. Those practitioners who practise elder law may also find this useful._x000D_
Feedback from previous attendees:_x000D_
Another well presented and topical seminar.Very relaxed and interactive delivery. I found the capacity issues very useful. I also found the linkages between Retirement Village and Residential Care very useful and gave good food for thought. Interesting presentation and clear delivery.Great information all contributors were obviously experts in this field._x000D_
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