Residential Building Risks (On Demand)

The aftermath of the covid pandemic and the current economic climate have made residential building projects that much more challenging, as costs rapidly escalate, budgets are exceeded, projects take longer, skilled labour continues to be in short supply, and more and more builders go to the wall. If you have clients about to embark on a renovation or a new build, are you able to advise on their exposure to various risks and also what protections might be available? What are the common traps and also practical solutions that will satisfy both them and contractors? What insights do recent cases provide?

This on demand will assist all those practising in property and construction law to be more aware of what can go wrong on a residential building project; and how to stop it happening or at least guard against the adverse consequences for their clients.

Who should watch?

General practitioners, property lawyers and legal executives, specialist construction lawyers, and litigators who practice in this area.


CPD Hours: 2.00hr

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Ticket Price

Member - $200.00 GST

Non-Member - $280.00 GST


Member - $160.00

Non-Member - $225.00