Relationship Property Fundamentals: Preliminary Stages

This On Demand was recorded on 3 August 2016.The way in which you start a file has implications for its course. In a file involving relationship property or a section 21 agreement, knowing what to cover at the initial interview and how to correspond with the other lawyer/party are key. _x000D_
This On Demand provides practical guidance on conducting such files at the vital early stages._x000D_
Learning outcomes_x000D_
Understand the steps to take when approached by a client involved in a separation and a client entering a section 21 agreement.Gain practical insights into eliciting information from your client and how to approach sensitive issues.Receive a refresher about the applicable Rules (Conduct and Client Care, Family Courts) in this context._x000D_
Who should view? _x000D_
Family and relationship property lawyers with up to 3 years? PQE._x000D_
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The second On Demand webinar in this series ‘Relationship Property Fundamentals: Middle Stages’ addresses managing the middle stages of a ?standard? relationship property file. _x000D_
The third On Demand webinar in this series ‘Relationship Property Fundamentals: Final Stages’ addresses hearing-related matters, such as procedure, evidence and argument, to assist practitioners to maximise the chances of a successful outcome for their clients. here for the Cancellation Policy


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