Probate and Letters of Administration: Getting them Right

This On Demand was recorded on 28 June 2017. Applications for Probate and Letters of Administration are commonplace for many lawyers. However, there are numerous traps with both which can trip up even the most conscientious practitioner. _x000D_
Ever increasing globalisation and ease of movement has seen will-makers making two or more wills dealing with property abroad while incapacity, separated spouses/de facto partners and intestacies involving complex estates all contribute to what can be a legal minefield._x000D_
This On Demand webinar provides lawyers with a useful refresher on getting applications right the first time with an emphasis on practical matters commonly arising today._x000D_
Learning outcomes_x000D_
Better understand the drafting requirements for probate documents including what information is required, the common errors in such applications as well as the procedure for re-applying in the event of a rejection of an application by the High Court.Gain insights into how best to deal with substituted executors, the clearing off of instituted executors and applying for a copy of a will to be admitted into probate.Learn more about how to deal with foreign jurisdictional matters including applying for letters of administration where the deceased was domiciled overseas.Understand what should be covered off in your advice regarding the s 61 notice of choice of option, issues around surviving spouses/partners succeeding on intestacy and how they may disclaim their interest to allow someone with a lower priority to inherit, and the process for an executor to appoint an attorney to obtain probate/administration._x000D_
Who should view?_x000D_
Junior to intermediate lawyers and legal executives wanting a more thorough understanding of this area of law. More senior practitioners may find this useful as a refresher. here for the Cancellation Policy


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