Official Decisions under Fire: Hot Tips for Judicial Review (On Demand)

The scope of decisions amenable to judicial review, and when this avenue might provide a remedy when others do not (such as when there are no appeal rights), is widening. The potential for pursuing judicial review arises in a number of ways and places, in the context of personal relations and the workings of commercial and other entities. For practitioners wishing to better serve their clients, this on demand will provide guidance on recognising the many faces of judicial review and how to use it to challenge official decisions ? from acting for clubs to tackling constitutional issues._x000D_
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Learning outcomes:_x000D_
Develop a better understanding of what constitutes an official decision, and when judicial review might be available. Delve deeper into the process involved, including its advantages over other avenues. Learn more about how to challenge an official decision. Become apprised of the courts? approach to such applications, including in respect of the Bill of Rights Act 1990. Gain a deeper understanding of the remedies available. Benefit from learning more about a range of cases in New Zealand and overseas where judicial review has been pursued, with a view to being able to consider where you might be able to use it now and into the future. _x000D_
Who should view?_x000D_
Civil and Criminal litigators and general practitioners who wish to be able to recognise and deal with judicial review issues.Cancellation Policy:_x000D_
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