Love Thy Neighbour? (On Demand)

This On Demand was originally recorded on 11 May 2021.

Love Thy Neighbour? A guide to navigating common neighbour disputes

Disputes between neighbours can escalate quickly and disproportionately. On occasion, tensions build until one neighbour explodes, like one who took a chainsaw to his neighbour’s fence. Often however, disputes make their way through our courts and tribunals, with some culminating in lengthy and costly litigation (such as in the case of Aitchison v Walmsley where a dispute over a play-fort led to 4 years of litigation). Knowing how to navigate and best resolve these often heated disputes may be beneficial to all lawyers advising clients in the area.

This On Demand provides a guide to navigating common neighbour disputes, in the context of recent and interesting case law, and focuses on restrictive covenants, cross leases, rights of way, boundaries and actionable nuisances.

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