Lawful, Successful, and Productive Meetings (On Demand)

When you hear “meeting procedure”, do you think “boring”? You would not be alone. Sound knowledge of good meeting procedure practices is vital if meetings are to comply with the rules of the particular body, generally accepted procedural conventions, be productive and also be efficient. And sometimes it’s people with legal training who are assumed to know how to properly run a meeting – and to know what to do if something goes wrong.  

The key factors for well-run and fruitful meetings  ̶  which also take no longer time than is needed  ̶  are fair and efficient control by the chairperson; and meeting participants who are well-versed in appropriate meeting processes and behaviour. So how do you satisfy those factors? 

This webinar, presented by the author of the popular Members’ Meetings handbook, now in its 3rd edition, will assist both meeting chairpersons and participants to have better meetings. 

Who Should Watch?

All legal personnel at intermediate to senior level who run or attend meetings. 


CPD Hours: 1.50hr

Pricing Details

Ticket Price

Member: $150.00 GST

Non-Member: $210.00 GST