Cyber Security: A Guide for Law Firms (On Demand)

This On Demand was recorded on 14 September 2021.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” — Stephane Nappo (Global Head Information Security for Société Générale International Banking since 2011)

The risk to cyber security is real. You should treat it as a matter of when, rather than if, your firm will be hacked. For many NZ law firms, the once unthinkable has already happened. A breach can be extremely (and possibly cripplingly) costly – in terms of loss of information and money, downtime and loss of trust. As well as attempting to salvage your reputation with your clients, you may be attempting to manage a breach of the Rules of Conduct and Client Care, an investigation by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and/or afford increased insurance premiums – if you can still get cover. Our experienced panel will provide practical guidance on what you can do to bolster your defences in the face of faceless, innumerable and ever-inventive enemies.

Who should view:

Principals, partners and directors, and practice managers, of firms regardless of their size.

The threat to your cyber security is real; the impacts of a breach are significant and wide-ranging. Could your firm weather the loss of information, money, time and trust? Our panel will guide you on how to bolster your defences.


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