Cradle to Grave 2023: Will Crafting, Māori Land Issues, & Taking Instructions (On Demand)

This On Demand was originally recorded on 25/05/2023.

Join Mary Joy Simpson and Claire Tyler as they delve into the intricate world of will drafting and the specific challenges of gifting Māori land.

Mary Joy Simpson shares her expertise on will drafting, emphasizing that a well-crafted will must form a complete package, covering the entire estate and clearly setting out the will-maker’s wishes. Learn why she believes that wills must be crafted with care and skill, and why layperson-drafted wills often fall short. The paper accompanying the presentation includes a helpful checklist.

Claire Tyler explores the complex subject of gifting Māori land in wills. She highlights that this process is not necessarily simple and requires strict adherence to legislative requirements. Claire’s insights shed light on the nuances and legalities that must be navigated to ensure that such gifts do not fail.


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