Corporate Trustee Governance and Decision Making: Dos and Don’ts (On Demand)

This On Demand was recorded on 15 February 2023.

Do you provide corporate trustee services? Are you wearing “two hats” and also acting as the lawyer for the trust? Who are the directors of the corporate trustee? Are trustee decisions being made in accordance with the corporate trustee’s constitution? Is the corporate trustee’s shareholding structure appropriate? Does the corporate trustee have multiple appointments and if so, what advice have you given the settlors / appointors / trustees (as relevant) of the possible risks? If the corporate trustee has not been constituted in line with the terms of the relevant trust, are there previous decisions that require ratification?

This On Demand will address these and other practical issues to be aware of when acting as a corporate trustee, including implications for your firm’s PI insurance, practical ramifications of the Court of Appeal decision in Legler v Fomannoij, trustees’ duties and FATCA obligations.

Who should view?

All lawyers and other professionals who offer corporate trustee services, as well as lawyers of all levels who act as advisors for trusts.


CPD Hours: 1.50hr

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