Company Creditor Compromises: Options and Consequences

This On Demand was recorded on 13 February 2019.With a Supreme Court decision out on aspects of the company creditor compromise regime, an update on this useful form of corporate rescue and alternative to liquidation is timeous._x000D_
This On Demand webinar on company creditor compromises, looking at recent case law developments, considers when such compromises are appropriate and their advantages over other options available to nearly insolvent companies._x000D_
It also looks at some of the procedural requirements including the key question of creditor classes._x000D_
Learning outcomes_x000D_
Learn more about the circumstances which favour a creditor compromise and the advantages they offer including flexibility, the avoidance of insolvency and the saving on costs.Understand better some of the procedural requirements including voting thresholds, the determination of classes of creditors and avenues for challenging a creditor compromise.Gain insights into recent case law developments and their implications for creditor compromises._x000D_
Who should view?_x000D_
General practitioners who advise clients on insolvency and commercial matters. Commercial lawyers and insolvency specialists may find this useful as a refresher. here for the Cancellation Policy


CPD Hours: 1.00hr

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