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Immigration & Refugee Law

The Immigration and Refugee Law Committee is made up of experienced practitioners who work in immigration law focussed firms or in sole practice. The Committee keeps a watching brief on all issues regarding immigration and refugee law and regularly raises issues with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Immigration NZ, the Refugee Status Branch, the Immigration Protection Tribunal and the Ministry of Justice. The committee also hosts the Minister of Immigration each year at an annual dinner where the Minister informs The Law Association members of developments in this area.


Stewart Dalley


Committee members, October 2022 – September 2024:

  1. Stewart Dalley – Partner, D & S Law (Committee Convenor)
  2. Deborah Manning – Barrister sole, Landmark Chambers
  3. Hinerake Ratcliffe – Barrister sole
  4. Richard Small – Director, Pacific Legal
  5. James McLeod – Sole Practitioner, James McLeod Immigration Lawyer
  6. Michael Kim – Director, MK Law
  7. Lauren Qiu – Principal, Stay Legal
  8. Pooja Sundar – Partner, D & S Law
  9. Mohammad Shabani – Principal, Shabani Law
  10. Jack Cheng – Senior Associate, Meredith Connell
  11. Mahafrin Variava – Associate, Lane Neave
  12. Elly Fleming – Associate, Pitt & Moore
  13. Maricel Weischede – Associate, Elemental Legal
  14. Harris Gu – Lawyer, Queen City Law
  15. Shoosh Cai – Associate, Cavell Leitch

Interested in joining the Committee?

Applications for Committee membership for October 2022 – September 2024 have closed. However if you remain interested in joining please email