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Changes to Section 27 Funding

8 Feb 2024

| Author: Legal Services Commissioner

The Prime Minister has announced today that the Government is proposing to remove funding for reports obtained under section 27 of the Sentencing Act 2002, often referred to as cultural reports.

During the week of 12 February, the Government will be introducing a Bill to remove legal aid funding for reports (written or oral) relating to section 27 of the Sentencing Act 2002.

The proposed Bill would amend the Legal Services Act 2011 and require the Commissioner to decline claims for payment for disbursements relating to section 27 matters.

However, this will not prevent the offender being able to call on a person to speak to the Court about their background as originally intended by the Act.


Read the letter from the Legal Services Commissioner to President, Tony Herring here: Changes to Section 27 Funding (The Law Association)

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