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Stewart Dalley

Partner, D&S Law

Stewart has a warm and approachable manner and advocates strongly for his clients.

He has experience in representing clients at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, Family Court, District Court and High Court. Stewart is the Chair of the Auckland District Law Society’s Immigration and Refugee Law Committee. He is experienced in all aspects of immigration and refugee law, assisting clients with complex visa applications, deportations, humanitarian appeals, and refugee claims.

His wealth of experience in the trade unions in the UK, coupled with his knowledge of immigration and employment matters saw him selected by the government to be a member of the Migrant Worker Exploitation Consultation Group which recommended various measures to protect migrant workers in the workplace.

Stewart is an industry expert on the law relating to human infertility, assisted reproductive technology, and family creation. Stewart frequently advises a broad range of clients and fertility clinics on embryo/egg/sperm donations, domestic and international surrogacy, and adoption. Stewart has three children with his male partner through surrogacy, he, therefore, has both real life and professional experience when it comes to surrogacy, setting him apart from the rest.

As a gay man, Stewart is a keen advocate for the rainbow community. He was the first to obtain joint adoption orders for same-sex de facto couples. Stewart also helped a lesbian couple make history in New Zealand when he successfully argued the case that two women can both be named as mothers on their children’s birth certificates. Stewart also regularly advises Rainbow Youth and Rainbow Path.

Stewart Dalley