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ADLS Update: Appointment of King’s Counsel 2022

11 Nov 2022

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Appointment of King’s Counsel 2022

Today the Attorney-General has announced the appointment of the below to the rank of King’s Counsel. The below are listed in order of appointment reflecting their original dates of admission to the Bar.

Catherine Stafford Cull, Barrister of Northland
Simon Robert Mitchell, Barrister of Auckland
David John Cooper, Barrister of Auckland
Lisa Charlotte Preston, Barrister of Christchurch
Andrew Stephen Butler, Barrister of Wellington
Stephanie Margaret Grieve, Barrister of Christchurch
Tiffany Mary Cooper, Barrister of Auckland
Nicholas Paul Chisnall, Barrister of Auckland
Bronwyn Shirley Carruthers, Barrister of Auckland
Jason Keith Goodall, Barrister of Auckland

ADLS wishes to extend a heart-felt congratulations to all in the list above.

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