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ADLS members vote to rebrand to The Law Association Inc.

4 Apr 2023

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ADLS members have voted in favor to a change of rules, allowing the organization to move forward with a rebrand to The Law Association Incorporated (The Law Association).

Over the past 12 months, the ADLS has been undertaking member research to deliver on a stronger membership proposition, range of service and benefits for the legal profession New Zealand-wide.  This extended to a review of the ADLS brand and the need to reflect its national footprint.

Member research undertaken by The Research Agency (TRA) concluded that ADLS needed to create a stronger connection with the New Zealand legal profession.  There was a strong sense that despite its historical ties, ‘Auckland’ limited awareness and subconsciously excluded the legal profession outside of the region.  A name change complimented the drive for connection and overall, there were no significant concerns from members about changing the name. The Law Association was generated by and tested with members; ADLS worked with Insight Creative on the creative development of the new brand.

ADLS will engage with Māori and Pacific Island representatives to ensure the overall rebranding is inclusive of New Zealand’s multi-cultural legal professional landscape.

In talking about the change, ADLS Council President, Tony Herring reinforced that the change in name would not mean ADLS losing any of its legacy.  “We will be carrying this forward and building on the hard work achieved over many years.   It is an exciting time for ADLS and the New Zealand legal profession,” Herring said.

ADLS plan to fully transition to The Law Association by the end of 2023.

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